Ensuring that each individual served enjoys a quality of life and is well supported and respected. 

About Us

Georgia Support Services is a division of Middle Georgia Behavioral Services, LLC.  We began providing Support Coordination, a form of dedicated case management for people with developmental disabilities, in Georgia in 2003.  We currently support over 1500 individuals in over 40 counties in central and south Georgia.  Our customer is the individual with a disability and his or her family.

The core responsibility of Support Coordination is ensuring that each individual served enjoys a quality of life and is well supported and respected.  Support Coordination is also accountable to the State of Georgia for the individual’s safety and welfare.  Our Support Coordinators not only ensure these safety measures, but help these Georgians obtain accessible and affordable housing, go to school, work, play, and live the everyday life that Georgians without disabilities enjoy.

Support Coordinators make monthly visits with the individuals at their provider placements to ensure the quality and appropriateness of service delivery and assure that these supported individuals are free from any abuse or neglect.  Support Coordinators are the front line of responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of the individuals served.

This role is designed to bring the Support Coordinator into regular and ongoing contact with the individual served and to create a necessary familiarity with the details of the person’s life.  GSS Support Coordinators communicate and work with all people who support the consumer.  Support Coordination not only assures that the individual gets the right amount of services and supports to live a quality life, but that the resources are used to purchase effective and efficient services.

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Support Coordinators are responsible for the creating and the development of the yearly Individualized Support Plan (ISP).  This is done in conjunction with the ISP team which consists of provider personnel, family, and other key people in the individual’s circle of support.  

Georgia Support Services believes that with appropriate supports in place, people with disabilities can live a fulfilled, community integrated life.  

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